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GACCF offers training, technology, access—and hope—where there was none before. During our educational journey, specifically for low-and middle-income markets, we drive cancer care professionals to expand their knowledge base. We implement and oversee training courses and workshops that enhance cancer treatment through radiotherapy treatment—an essential component in more than 50 percent of all cancer patients, along with surgery and chemotherapy. We develop and empower the human capital required to save lives and beat cancer.

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Introducing, Zoleka Mandela

Ambassador for Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation

South African writer, activist and two-time breast cancer survivor, Zoleka Mandela, is joining the global Access to Cancer Care Foundation as an Ambassador to raise awareness about GACCF’s lifesaving cancer education and treatment programs around the world.

As an ambassador, Zoleka Mandela will use her voice to advocate for the foundation’s work in low and middle-income countries. She will also educate the public about our mission to educate physicians and medical specialists who work in the field of oncology and highlight the foundation’s role in treating cancer in these countries, where more than 65 percent of all cancer deaths globally occur.

Join us for an inspirational evening with Zoleka Mandela in Westport, CT, Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

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Sixty percent of the world’s total
new cancer cases are diagnosed in developing countries. Seventy percent of all global deaths occur in low to middle-income countries.
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